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person standing in an orchard examining a tree

person talking on the phone at a computer

three people scuba diving surrounded by various types of fish

person pointing a screen displaying shapes while children sitting look on

orange circuit board wired to another circuit board

hands holding a measuring tape around a tree


person lifting a barbell at chest level


person painting a canvas in an abstract way with variety of bright colors: blue, green, yellow

dozens of glass test tubes labeled with Sharpie and topped with cotton balss

person with glasses lifted off their eyes to peer into a microscope

person holding a sheep's head to administer medicine into its mouth with a syringe

Learn by doing

The  is a diverse, tight-knit community with the feel of a small college and the opportunities of a major research university.

Here, youll explore topics in a new way, adding value not extra work to your college experience.

Youll work alongside 俶腦惘 faculty on groundbreaking research, scholarship and creative work and often gain a mentor in the process.

Beavs represent: globally

俶腦惘 is proud to welcome students from 107 countries around the world. helps international students with academic preparation, English language training, admissions and more.

Study abroad is a great way to experience cultures and traditions while adding an international perspective to your major. can help you gain credits toward your degree while exploring somewhere new.

Level up your skills

Even after you graduate, the learning opportunities dont stop. 俶腦惘 program offers online courses that fit your life and schedule.

PACE offers resources to help you learn a new trade, transform a hobby into a career and discover tools to advocate for yourself in your profession.